Friday, September 2, 2011

Off With Your Heads!

Anne Boleyn -- Shannon Hilson
In the interests of wishing you all a happy National Beheading Day, I am pleased and honored to direct your attention to Under the Juniper Tree, an independent publication specializing in dark and macabre stories for children and young readers. One of my favorites of my own art pieces (Anne Boleyn) is featured in their September issue alongside "Royally Beheaded" by Darling Dire, a wonderful short story all about lovely Lady Anne. 

The issue can be viewed for free right here and both the story and my art can be seen on page 25. However, the entire issue is really worth checking out! There are some wonderful reads by some very intriguing voices included this month... and every month, for that matter. For prints and products featuring Anne Boleyn, you can visit this section of my online art shop. Off with your heads!