Thursday, October 8, 2015

Shutting Old Doors

So this morning, I finally figured out how to schedule a Facebook "like" page for deletion. The page in question was that damned Shannon Hilson public page I made to promote my art (and possibly my future creative writing) years and years ago.

I am sincerely tired of it existing. I certainly have no intentions of ever going back to it to post anything, so... no point in it being there. All it does is sit there and attract more of the kooks and whiny, needy, immature individuals that made me lose interest in making more fantasy art years ago.

I'd honestly forgotten it existed at all until recently. For some reason, I've been getting notifications for a bunch of new likes and views despite the fact that it hasn't been updated since... like... 2011. When I went to the page itself to check out what was going on, I saw that there were posts on the wall from people saying they're such big fans and similar things. People were still apparently adding it, sharing it, drooling over all the artwork, and firing questions at me as to when I'm going to make more. You'd think I would have been happy, or flattered, or something, but in actuality? I was really kind of... annoyed.

I've actually been working on phasing out friendships with people that won't let that image of me as a fantasy artist go for a while now. Now I'm ready to kind of slam the door shut behind me. That isn't me anymore and I'm getting sick of people that insist on acting like it is. I can still certainly appreciate some of that art for what it is, but I look at it now and it just seems really childish. Honestly speaking, so do the great majority of the people that were and still are into it. I'm a lot more interested in reality these days and I know that if I ever do take up art or designing again, my newer creations will reflect that change.

That also reminded me that I really need to update some of the standalone pages attached to this blog.  I unpublished them for now until I have a chance to update some of the information so that it's relevant to my life and goals as they stand today. I'm no longer really interested in trying to turn this blog (or any of my others either) into a resource or a professional showcase for any of my independent creative work. I'm definitely not interested in keeping pages up that even kind of discuss or link to all the fantasy art I've been trying to discourage people's interest in.

I like that these blogs have kind of settled into something a lot like my LiveJournal used to be when I first started blogging. I didn't have any agendas at all back then -- professional or otherwise. I didn't have much of an audience or care about having one. It was mostly just me and my writing. People could check out what I was posting if they wanted to, but I wasn't really doing it to be interactive. Honestly, even Facebook is a little social for me these days. I've been enjoying having a couple of places to go for once where I can post some thoughts and not instantly be bombarded by a bunch of contradictory opinions and stupid memes for a change.